Tourism Marketing

Sales and Marketing Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

 Website Development

Web Design

We work with you to design, build and develop a modern, user friendly and conversion centric website. We will style the site with your colour scheme, using your content, logo and images. Our recommended Content Management System (CMS) gives you the freedom to easily make updates and changes yourself. Or we can maintain your website for you on an ongoing basis.

Responsive Design

We also make sure that your website optimised for responsive design, which means that your customers will have a seamless experience whether they are viewing your site on a desktop, or on a mobile device.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We make sure that the website factors in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), providing natural rankings on search engine results pages.

Google Analytics

All websites will include integration with a Google Analytics account, which lets you track and report on your websites traffic. It gives you real time data on who is visiting your website, what they are doing whilst they are there, and whether or not they are converting to a paying customer. This data will enable you to identify poorly performing pages and make changes. 

Google AdWords

We can also assist with setting up a Google AdWords account, paid online advertising directing customers to your website. Google AdWords enables you to set a budget for online advertising, and only pay when people click on the ads they are delivered, based on keywords they search on.

Online Bookings

We can interface your online reservations system with your website, allowing you to be available to your customers 24/7.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy

We work with you to identify your social media goals, plan your social media strategy, and implement the strategy to acomplish your goals.

Social Media Content

We'll help you with content creation and curation. We will identify which social channels to focus on to ensure your content enjoys maximum engagement, and advise you on how to optimise your posts for maximum ROI.

Social Media Calendar

We assist you to put together a social media calendar, allowing you to schedule your social messages and content for optimal engagement times, increasing the odds of a higher ROI.

Social Media Advertising

We can help you with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising. From setting up the initial advertising account, to implementing campaigns and tracking results.

Travel Trade Marketing

We will provide your business with a road map navigating the complex tourism trade. We will:

  • Mentor you on the current tourism distribution system
  • Structure and distriburte your rates as required by the travel trade
  • Market your product to key domestic and international trade partners
  • Represent your product at tourism trade shows, as well as industry and public events
  • Undertake agent training to ensure that retail travel agents are fully across your product offering
  • Work with Tourism Australia and local, regional, state tourism organisations to ensure your product is featured in cooperative marketing campaigns
  • Coordinate travel trade and media familiarisation visits to allow you to showcase your product on-site
  • Actively look for new business opportunities as well as ways to grow existing markets

 Media & Public Relations

We can assist you with all your media and communication activities.

Marketing Communications

We structure and distribute media releases, news articles, blogs and social media posts to boost the visibility of your business.

Media Relations

We pitch media releases and story ideas to local, regional and state media outlets concentrating on travel publications and travel programs. 

We also assist you with managing how your business is portrayed by the media in the event of a crisis, and general reputation management.

Public Relations (PR)

We assist you in managing the flow of information between your business and the public, buildilng a positive image of your business, and promoting better understanding between you and your customers. We create PR campaigns to promote new products and services, as well as inform your customers of any changes in your product offering.  

Crisis Management

We assist you in structuring a well rounded crisis management plan, including selecting a crisis communications team, and selecting and training an appropriate spokesperson to be prepared to put forward your best message to your stakeholders during a crisis. We will help you prepare key messages suitable for distribution both during and after an event, as well as help you handle the effects of any unfavourable publicity.

 Budgeting and Planning

Sales & Marketing Plan & Budget

We can develop your annual Sales & Marketing Plan, Revenue Targets and Sales & Marketing Budget, including;

  • Revenue generation activities
  • Market segment strategies
  • Key strategic focus areas
  • Budget allocation
  • Annual reviews


We will prepare Monthly Sales & Marketing Activity Reports, including:

  • Current month activity and results
  • Variance assessment
  • Future planned activity

 We can also undertake ad-hoc analysis and reporting on a request basis.