Social Media Partners

Boosting our reach by social media advocacy.


At Cooee Traveller we recognise the power of social media and the value it represents as an authentic voice of advocacy for consumer experiences. We are keen to work with popular media narrators, bloggers and journalists to spread the word about authentic Australian Indigenous business, and the experiences available to visitors.

How we select our partners

We understand that popular media platforms are fluid, and that stories are communicated by word of mouth and shared across a growing range of social media and main stream media channels. We partner with narrators who assist us in strengthening our brand, and positioning us as a provider of first choice culturally responsible accommodation and touring option for visitors. Our ultimate goal is to build awareness and reach new audiences, so it is important to us to evaluate the reach and quality of your digital voice, and whether it aligns with our values.

If you believe that you present a genuine partnership opportunity for us, please submit your details below.