Cooee Traveller Brand Story

Calling experience seekers around the world to share in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture

Our Brand

Our brand ‘Cooee' is derived from the Aboriginal Sydney Language word gawi meaning ‘come here!’. The Sydney Language has also been referred to as Darug, Gadigal and Bidjigal, The word is now used extensively across Australia. The ‘coooee’ call has also been used by many Aboriginal groups along the Eastern seaboard, even north to Central Queensland with many derivatives of the call.

For us, 'cooee' represents a ‘call to action’ to encourage travellers to experience Indigenous Australia.

Non-Indigenous people also have an attachment to the word ‘cooee’.  In World War 1, the ‘Coo-ee’ war posters were the basis of a campaign to enlist more soldiers into war, including the famous ‘Cooee March’ from Gilgandra to Sydney in 1915. The Australian public also recognise the term ‘Cooee’ from iconic Australian films.


Our Logo

Visually, the ‘call to action’ is represented in the arrangement of letters and as a visual phonetic to resemble a loud hailer or a megaphone.

The dotted pathways symbolise a travellers journey and coloured circles represent the diversity of the Australian experience.

The logo’s multiple colours connect with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags while also inferring a broader international appeal.

Our logo was designed by Marcus Lee Design, Melbourne. An Aboriginal design firm.