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Improving outcomes for Indigenous tourism businesses

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Who is Cooee Traveller?

Cooee Traveller is a specialist team with diverse skills and senior Indigenous representation. We are successfully implementing strategy to improve outcomes for Indigenous tourism businesses.

Cooee Traveller is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) established to provide management services to Indigenous tourism businesses, and to generate sustainable returns for IBA’s portfolio of tourism and accommodation assets.

Our Vision

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be at the heart of Australian tourism.

Indigenous Engagement

Being at the forefront of Indigenous tourism engagement, Cooee Traveller has a strong commitment to:

Provide improved and sustainable income to Indigenous owners
Increase Indigenous employment across the portfolio
Increase investment in training programs
Increase portfolio procurement spend with Indigenous owned businesses
Exhibit local culture through enhanced touring experiences

Cooee Traveller’s approach for investment and management will deliver the best outcomes for Indigenous stakeholders and drive the need to develop a long-term, sustainable and relevant tourism portfolio for IBA.

Product Development

Cooee Traveller is a forward-thinking Indigenous tourism company with a view towards developing Indigenous tourism products and improving assets currently in the IBA portfolio. With significant expertise in developing Indigenous tourism products and experiences, Cooee Traveller also enlists the assistance of leading experts in their respective fields, including:

Project Management
Food and Beverage
Performing Arts

Cooee Traveller also has extensive partnerships in the Indigenous community, tourism and hospitality sector and government and works to achieve outcomes in the best interests of its Indigenous stakeholders.

Our Board

Cooee Traveller's Board is made up of professionals with significant experience in hotel and tourism management, procurement, Indigenous affairs, entrepreneurship, corporate and government sectors.

Chair - Howard Kemball
Director - Aden Ridgeway
Director - Laura Berry
Director Tim Moore
Director Tom Jenkins

Cooee Traveller's Board ensures that the organisation performs in a proper and efficient manner.

Executive Team

The Cooee Traveller team comprises of a specialist group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous tourism professionals working together to build on the success of Australia's leading Indigenous tourism assets.

Clare Carroll  |  M: 0409-577-093

Chief Financial Officer
Stephen Gleeson  |  M: 0438-644-451

Director of Digital Strategy
Anji Kemp  |  M: 0409-320-730

Director of Human Resources
Natalie Saunders  |  M: 0411-260-185

Working With Us

There has never been a better time to develop and showcase Indigenous cultural experiences.

If you are interested in finding out more about management opportunities or to simply find out how your community can get involved in tourism and hospitality, please contact us:


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