Indigenous Engagement

Engaging with Traditional Owners and Indigenous communities

The Cooee Traveller Engagement Approach

Cooee Traveller ensures true Indigenous engagement with our highly-skilled team of dedicated tourism professionals. Our team has Indigenous representation across half of its senior management positions, and we have significant Indigenous representation across every business unit.

Being at the forefront of Indigenous tourism engagement, Cooee Traveller has a strong commitment to:

  • Provide improved and sustainable income to Indigenous owners
  • Increase Indigenous employment across the portfolio
  • Increase investment in training programs
  • Increase portfolio procurement spend with Indigenous owned businesses
  • Exhibit local culture through enhanced touring experiences

Cooee Traveller’s approach to investment and management delivers the best outcomes for Indigenous stakeholders and drives the development of a long-term, sustainable and relevant tourism portfolio for IBA.

Indigenous Employment and Training Strategies

Across all assets, Cooee Traveller formulates and implements localised strategies to boost Indigenous employment, reducing the need for our clients to rely on transient workforces.

Training remains a core objective to boost Indigenous employment and as such the organisation invests significantly in these programs. 

From setting our best practice approach to Indigenous engagement through our ‘Cooee Traveller Employment Strategy’ we are able to set a foundation for our assets to follow. These strategies ensure that Indigenous employment and training remains a cornerstone of our assets and their social outcomes. 

Indigenous Cultural Development

Cooee Traveller works closely with Traditional Owners to develop cultural experiences which include tours, performances and Indigenous Immersion Programs.

Once developed, Cooee Traveller provides support and resources to enable Indigenous communities to share their culture with tourists which subsequently provides employment opportunities. Cultural Product Development also represents an opportunity to positively contribute to the financial performance of businesses.

Indigenous Procurement

All assets are committed to sustaining, developing and supporting Indigenous service suppliers.

We assist assets in sourcing Indigenous businesses to provide services such as art & crafts, souvenirs, food and drink, printing, and Indigenous architectural design.