Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people at the heart of Australian tourism.

Who is Cooee Traveller?

Cooee Traveller was established to provide management services to Indigenous tourism businesses, and to generate sustainable returns for Indigenous tourism and accommodation providers.

Who is your team?

Our organisational outcomes are delivered by a team that has Indigenous representation across half of its senior management positions and across all business units. We all have diverse educational backgrounds and industry skill sets, spanning hotel and tourism accommodation operations, aviation, customer service, communications, tourism agencies, cultural tour operations, education and teaching, auditing, accountancy, human resources, training and digital systems.

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Why use Cooee Traveller?

Our one focus is Indigenous tourism. We are experts in every phase of the Indigenous tourism development process; from conducting organisational reviews, business development, Indigenous tourism marketing, and whole of management solutions that deliver targeted measurable results.

All of our activities rely heavily on our innovative management systems developed to drive efficiencies across our portfolio of assets. This shared platform allows our very best staff to focus towards advancing Indigenous tourism partnerships.

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What is the difference in Cooee Traveller experiences?

We cover rich and diverse Indigenous experiences that tell their own story of this country. We represent the diversity through both traditional and contemporary Indigenous culture in Australia’s remote, regional and city locations. Indigenous Australia has many languages, all with different stories according to their locations and beliefs, so one story in South Australia will not be the same as further north in Kakadu.


Whether it’s in the desert, the coast, the rainforest or the country, we want to provide our customers with Indigenous cultural experiences teamed with high quality accommodation. If you want to learn more about the diversity of Indigenous Australia, we encourage you to try one of the Cooee Traveller experiences.

What do you offer Traditional Owners?

We offer a chance for Indigenous Traditional Owner groups to be part of Australia’s expansive tourism offering. Tourism is a platform for Indigenous people to achieve positive outcomes while sharing their culture with the world. We prioritise the tourism aspirations of our Indigenous partners and ensure they achieve them through employment, training, procurement and/or management.


We enter into joint ventures with Indigenous organisations where objectives are reached in collaboration with our partners. Our end goal is to transfer the ownership and management of tourism assets to Indigenous people.

Who are you looking to partner with?

Our goal is to connect interested Indigenous stakeholders with the cultural, economic and social benefits of tourism. Integral to our success are our relationships with the wider tourism industry, private enterprise and government organisations.


If you are interested in progressing Indigenous tourism in Australia, please contact us at 07 5539 8231 or email us.