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Achieving measurable outcomes for Indigenous owners

What we've achieved for Ikara Wilpena Enterprises Pty Ltd, SA

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Wilpena Pound Resort

Cooee Traveller has implemented a model of ownership at asset level, helping the Adnyamathanha people realise their vision of: 


Cooee Traveller has worked closely with management to review operational costs and expenses while maximising potential in product development.

Indigenous Employment

Cooee Traveller has recruited and trained local Adnyamathanha staff instead of relying on a transient workforce.

Cultural Experiences

Cooee Traveller recognises the value of cultural authenticity and provides the support and resources to enable locals to share their culture with tourists.

Cooee Traveller has delivered


Wilpena Pound Resort improved financial performance due to increased interest in cultural experiences.

Indigenous Employment

Over half of the staff are local Aboriginal people as a result of the Yura Indigenous Engagement Strategy implementation.

Cultural Experience

Our product development work has resulted in a daily Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony performed in the Adnyamathanha language, as well as cultural walking tours with Yura guides.

Ideas are in place to develop a Cultural Village, to host the signature 'Cultural Cookout' Experience.